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40 Richmond Road


House description

A large, beautiful, carpet-floored Victorian house split into two storeys. There is one bathroom and one shared kitchen. Very comfortable house and sociable atmosphere. One of the rooms has a private garden.

The rent includes ALL BILLS: council tax, electricity, gas, water, fast internet and a cleaner coming regularly for common areas, so the house is very clean.


A 15-minute walk from Leytonstone Station, Central London is very close by Tube and easily accessible also by 24-hour buses.

Buses: W15, 339, 97


The area is very nice and convenient with an off-licence supermarket very close to it and very close to Leytonstone, where there are plenty shops and cool clubs.


Room Bed/People £/Week
Room 1 Bed 1A/Twin £120.00
Room 1 Bed 1B/Twin £120.00
Room 2 single/Single £140.00
Room 3 Bed 3A/Twin £125.00
Room 3 Bed 3B/Twin £125.00
Room 4 single/Single £140.00
Room 5 single/Single £120.00
Room 6 single/Single £145.00
Room 7 Bed 7A/Twin £120.00
Room 7 Bed 7B/Twin £120.00

Prices per person/week